Liberate Your Back: Align yourself and move with confidence


By Annie Thoe, GCFP
MP3 audio
6 hours, 7 lessons

Align the most powerful areas of the body to move with strength: your low back, hips and legs. Uneven coordination and misalignment leads to overtired muscles.

You’ll learn to refine your coordination by sensing the solid support of your bones to feel lighter, taller and more confident to move freely.


1.    Bridge Pelvis with Legs (55 min)

Align low back and spine for better stability and support
2.    Lengthen and Lift Your Back (55 min)

Improve posture and gain supple back strength
3.    Buttocks Walking (51 min)

Align pelvis for lighter legs, energize body
4.    Releasing Hips While Holding Feet (54 min)

Improve balance and flexibility; move hips with grace

5.    Calibrating the Clock: Head and Pelvis (51 min)

Smooth balance of low back, hips & entire spine

6.    Hello to Hip Joints (56 min)

Be light on your feet; walk, stand & bend with ease

7.    On Belly with Long Legs Pushing (52 min)

Improve back alignment and muscle tone

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