Expand Your Breathing: Experience deep vitality


By Annie Thoe, GCFP
MP3 audio
6 hours, 6 lessons

Breath is the source of life. When you make breathing easier and improve the flow of air, many aspects your life become better.

Through guided mindful movement of your chest and entire body, restrictions fall away. Experience the ultimate vitality of mind and body with your breath.


1. Expanding Your Breath to Your Bones (53 min)

Great for swimmers, runners, singers—anyone wanting more oxygen

2. Waves of Breath—Rhythm in Four Parts (53 min)

Concentration, decisiveness and relief from anxiety

3. Riding the Breath—Twisting Spine In Rhythm (50 min)

Relax back and neck, improve posture, increase lung capacity

4. Expanding Lungs In Six Directions (55 min)

Improve lung capacity, posture, mental focus

5. Quick Tune-up for Expanding Lungs (8 min)

Improve lung capacity and balance

6. Rhythmic Breath & Transitions on All Sides (45 min)

Deep relaxation, expand breath capacity, improve balance

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