Balance Your Head: Let go of tension and clear your mind


By Annie Thoe, GCFP
MP3 audio
6 hours, 7 lessons, bonus workshop

Chronic neck tension and head pain can be physically and emotionally exhausting.  Moving your head incorrectly can cause muscle strain and possibly joint degeneration.

Fully using your spine to support your head will allow you to move freely and with confidence.


1. Lowering the Head (47 min)

End computer hunch and discover upright, easy posture

2. Pecking (50 min)

Unwind stiff neck, find comfortable head posture

3. Fluid Eyes, Head and Back (51 min)

Improve fluidity of head movement to turn and look over shoulder

4. Tracing the Perimeter of the Head (52 min)

Stabilize head for a centered spine, body and state of mind

5. Standing Eye Swing (53 min)

Improve eye/hand/head coordination and focus

BONUS lessons and workshop:

6. Lesson: Align Your Head In All Positions (46 min)

Center head, stabilize neck and spine, find mental clarity

7. Workshop Talk: “How Your Head Movement Affects Self-Image” (14 min)

8. Freedom in Turning Head & Torso, Story on “Margins” (48 min )

Relax head, shoulders & hips for greater driving comfort

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