Free Your Shoulders: Free chronic tension to expand your range


By Annie Thoe, GCFP
MP3 audio
6 hours, 7 lessons, bonus workshop

Chronic neck and shoulder pain can make you feel you're living life in a straight jacket. It can also cause nerve impingement and other permanent damage.

Unleash your creative, athletic, and artistic potential with your hands and arms to experience relief from pain and more fluid movements.

1. Lengthen Arms & Thread the Needle (48 min)

Eliminate hunch, free your upper back for great posture

2. Feather-tip Control with Bent Arms (52 min)

Loosen chest and arms, precision with reaching around body

3. Straight Arms-—Wring and Roll (51 min)

Loosen chest and arms to extend your reach

4. Lift Off with Your Wings (52 min)

Unlock your chest to move your arms back with ease

5. Pull Your Arms & Free Your Shoulders
(52 min)

Loosen shoulder blades and ribs to turn your head in comfort

6. Moving Wings Behind (51 min )

Loosen shoulders and collarbones to naturally open chest

BONUS lessons for variation:

8. Lesson 1 Variation: Straight Arms—Wring and Roll (43 min)

Free shoulders from ribs and spine, improve upright posture

9. Lesson 2 Variation: “Lift Off with Your Wings” – part one (34 min)

Improve upright posture, improve hand and arm flexibility.

10. Lesson 2 Variation: “Lift Off with Your Wings” – part two (26 min)

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