The Intelligent Body® - Volumes One & Two


By Frank Wildman, Ph.D.

24 audio cds, 15 page guide, © 1999, 2004
24 lessons

Provides a comprehensive practical guide to the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education. Through 24 fascinating movement lessons that are highly pleasurable, clear and easy to follow, you can improve your muscular efficiency, posture and flexibility, and relax chronically stiff muscles. The lessons work with all joints of the body and pay special attention to the posture and use of the lower back, tension of the headneck region, balance in sitting and standing, and enhanced breathing.

Volume One: Activating the Abdominal Flexors, Activating The Back Extensors, Arm Reach and Roll, Freeing the Hip Abductors, Rolling on the Side, Lengthening the Hamstrings and Spine, Crawling to Sitting and Lying, Pelvic Moves, Awakening Feet, Toes and Fingers, Shoulder and Arm Circles, Activating the Imagination, Sitting to Standing Easily.

Volume Two: The Spine as a Chain, Knees, Hips and Spine Rotating, Improving Breathing, Lengthening the Sides, Baby Alligator, Sitting Options from Chair to Standing, Discovering the Foot and Ankles, Hands to Feet While Rolling, Rolling Ball Over the Body, Leg Tilt Side to Side, Rolling like a Baby, Standing and Walking.


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